Light Encounters

Visual Communication
Final Master’s Project
A5 double sided folded leaflet, above: front page photos and map design reverse

Drawing on my personal experience of discovering Bath for the first time, Light Encounters is a leaflet which consists of photographs I have taken in the space of a year. Exploring recreating riso print effects digitally due to lockdown restrictions.

The pandemic has brought devastation on a global scale but it has also brought about a reset, a desire for simplicity and a chance to change many aspects of society. My intention with this work is to encourage a return to the City of Bath after a period of absence and reflection. Looking at the relationship between Bath Students and local residents. The intention is to create openness through promoting and sharing these spaces. Consequently, people will be encouraged to visit once it becomes safe to do so.

Project Blog:

Photographs taken in Bath, with two colour riso print effects