Make Sound Visible

Animation Screenshot

Two spreads I created for Still Moving, an issuu publication created in a collective during lockdown in 2020 for a brief to ‘Make sound visible’.

Project Summary

Using recorded sounds from my own experiences and from people across the globe, I have created an open submission. Upload a sound clip or video with sound, (maximum 20 seconds) to a google form. I then create an animation from the sound clip which is uploaded to a website. The submissions can be anonymous or credited. If the sound is emailed to me, I email the work back and It is theirs to keep and share. Acting like a virtual postcard; the work exists entirely digitally in a fragmented way on a desktop or mobile. The work is highly visual and abstract with a clear aesthetic running through it, I want the viewer to enjoy it and to think about the places they have been. The idea of holding onto memories, full of reminiscences. From the recording of an experience you create a memory, you remember through the recording.

Animation created in response to “The Belt of Faith” from the Parasite film soundtrack.
Animation created from a recording I made travelling on a London Tube
Palacio Pombal, Lisbon. Palace garden party sound clip animated
Still Moving, group issuu publication