Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute – Promotional Campaign

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute, Queen Square, Bath

A selection of objects from the collection have been identified by the BRLIS to tell the story of the institution. Targeting the people of Bath to raise awareness of the collection, the work will be used to advocate for a permanent gallery space.

Learning about the individual objects, the narratives of their collectors and their relationship to Bath, I created a series of linocut prints based on the artefacts for use in merchandise, promotional material and branding in order to bring a new audience to the institute.

Left: A poster design featuring a fossilised fern Lino cut print to promote the institute for use in advertising in public spaces.
Below: a tote bag featuring a linoprint based on a scorched ivory figure from the institute collection.

Left: Postcard Design based on a Fern Fossil created in Lino cut
Above: Billboard of the poster in a public space